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What is Spray Foam Trailers

Spray foam trailers are for the purpose of carrying all the spray foam rig equipment such as the hose pipe, air compressor, and the generator all in one place. This condition makes it easy for contractors and companies to install spray foam insulation in a variety of applications such as residential building, commercial buildings and as well as for concrete raising and insulating movie production studios.

The mobility of these trailers makes it easy for them to be used in a variety of areas without any hassle. What makes these trailers portable is that they are powered by either diesel or gas-powered generators, which powers equipment such as the transfer pumps or the spray foam guns.

The Majority of these trailers are installed with materials that help maintain sanitary environments. That are lined with white laminated plywood and also covered with aluminum in several places to further provide a clean and professional look to these trailers.

eco-24_spray_foam_rig_02Trailers can be customized according to the needs of different contractors and can be specifically designed for different spray foam materials such as Polyurea, Urethane or Epoxy. These trailers can be further customized by selecting the equipment that is suitable for your line of work, and this can be done by selecting what you need from a wide range of different equipment and tools.

In such places where it is not convenient to fit, use a spray foam trailer, a spray foam box truck can also be used in such places. However, it is not the most versatile or advanced piece of spray foam insulation equipment; spray foam box trailers can get the basic insulation work done without compromising on the portability and mobility.

While there are various features and technological equipment that differentiate all the spray foam trailers from one another, some of the basic features are common, and most of the trailers are pre-equipped with these features. Solid construction, it is of great significance that these trailers are strong and have a solid structure, enough to support the weight of all the different equipment without breaking apart or getting damaged.

Another common feature is that these trailers are also lined with spray foam insulation that makes it easier to have an ambient and controlled temperature inside the trailer that can positively influence the process. Not only does this lead to a better yield but also helps maintain the equipment potentially prolonging its life.

Along with the state of the art equipment, these trailers are also equipped with safety features. Some are pre-built in all the different types of trailers such as electric breakaway brake system and safety chains. It is also possible to get custom safety features other than the ones that are pre-installed depending on the scale and sort of work that the job requires.

Putting it all together, spray foam insulation is a booming industry that has been seeing exponential growth because of the concerns about efficient energy use. The quality control and technology required to make such equipment makes the spray foam insulation trailers have a heavy price tag, which is not at all surprising.